Training Update - SeaWheeze!

The time off due to injury hurt me as expected but I am now someone who has finished a half marathon! What a fantastic event put on by lululemon. Lots of goofy fun. Awesome swag (shorts, flip flops, lil backpack). Really cool medal. And of course an absolutely beautiful run around Vancouver! Will definitely be back next year. You should too! Check this nice recap video if you’re at all interested.

Things I learned or that I knew and didn’t follow through on…

  • Don’t go crazy at happy hour 2 days before the race
  • Don’t eat unfamiliar food the night before the race (don’t ask!)
  • Study the course and have a plan for aid stations
  • Probably better to overshoot in corrals than be stuck in a slow mass at the start, though the slow pace probably helped me this time through
  • Wristband > Bib
  • I honestly hadn’t heard of lululemon before entering this race. I now know women absolutely love their running and yoga gear.

Reinjured the left foot - not good - should have it looked at…

Training Summary: August 6 - August 12

Justin Pecott @justinpecott