Training Update - Peak Training Complete!

Yeah! It’s all downhill for here… Until it turns sharply upward again on October 7th.

I pushed through 21 miles yesterday but it was a struggle. Partly due to the distance and partly because I ended up in the suburbs for a second, haha! I think my feet were screaming at me more than my legs. Really looking forward to the runs tapering off from now until the main event.

Fresh legs are my only hope for this thing. Well, better hydration too. I only get water every 5 miles on my long runs currently due to availability of water fountains and my dislike for carrying water bottles. Will have water ever 2 in Portland. I say I just want to finish but deep down I also want a non-embarrassing finish time. We shall see!

Training Summary: September 10 - September 16

Justin Pecott @justinpecott