Training Update - Ouch!

The good news, I ran the full schedule! Been a long time since I ran 34 miles in a week. I consider that and a 10 miler to be somewhat of accomplishments in and of themselves.

Bad news? Too much too quickly perhaps. My right ankle and upper/outer arch arriving at the ankle are very pissed off. Also I had a bit of a theory that if I ran on minimal shoes I’d be better off in the long run. Seemed to be working out until last week - again perhaps too much too soon. In any event I am taking a few days off from training and have some new cushy shoes - Air Pegasus+ 29 - in route after talking with folks at the running shop. Will still work the minimals - Free Run+ 2 - in on some of the shorter runs. Here’s to a speedy recovery and then onwards and upwards!!

Training Summary: June 11 - June 17

  • This Week’s Distance: 34 Miles (Pace: 9’27”)
  • Next Week’s Plan: 36 Miles (Not gonna happen!!)
  • Next Race: Firecracker 5000, July 3rd
  • Previous Race: Fremont 5k (Finish: 25’23”, Pace: 8’12”)
Justin Pecott @justinpecott