Training Update - Mostly Back...

Nice coincidence that this was a light week on the schedule as I was going to need to ease back in anyway. On Monday the foot survived but hurt for the duration of the 4 miles. But it actually felt better when I woke up on Tuesday. Wednesday’s run was bothersome but better yet. Friday I almost made it through the whole run without thinking about my foot at all and by Saturday I’d say I was back to near 100%. Those Air Pegasus+ 29 kicks are like running on clouds. Definitely lost a bit during the time off but hoping to catch back up quickly - so far so good!

Training Summary: June 25 - July 1

  • This Week’s Distance: 18 Miles (Pace: 8’52”)
  • Next Week’s Plan: 33 Miles
  • Next Race: Firecracker 5000, July 3rd
  • Previous Race: Fremont 5k (Finish: 25’23”, Pace: 8’12”)
Justin Pecott @justinpecott