Training Update - Idiot

That moment when you realize what everyone said is true and you have no one to blame but yourself…

So yeah, when you start running - again - everyone and their mom will tell you to “go get properly fitted” to which you might nod you head but secretly think “whatever” or “yes, I understand you are now some kind of running expert since you finished a turkey trot”. Turns out that’s not just a thing runners say and I’m a walking billboard for what can happen when you ignore the advise. And I’m pissed at myself.

I did successfully finish the half and am quite happy that I did so. Immediately after I knew I had wrecked my foot again in the exact same way as the previous injury (third injury of the summer). Actually I knew it well before the race was over and knew if I were to have any chance of finishing Portland I needed to get the situation fixed. The plan was a proper fitting and if no major revelations occurred there then off to see the doctor.

Well the fitting did bring major revelations. First, I have narrow feet. I knew this but always have always worn regular width of shoes known to be on the narrow side. That said the Pegasus 29s I was in were too wide. Second, apparently I have freakishly high arches. I knew my arches were high but never had someone laughing at the extent. The 3D imagery of my feet and the pressure points exactly explained my left toe/arch issue as well as my right hip pain. Walked out of the store with custom inserts molded to my feet for arch support, a pair of Adidas Boston 3 that are nice and narrow, and something resembling hope.

I took the entire week after the half off and then got back at it with my new kicks. The first few runs in the new shoes had me sore in ways I hadn’t been before. Especially my feet. I took it easy and ramped up mileage slowly over the week. Before you knew it I was holding paces faster than I had all summer and was back on the schedule. Did my longest run of the year last Saturday - 18 miles - and felt pretty good about it. Sub 2 hour time for 13.1 and didn’t really start degrading till the 16th mile. Best of all - no foot or hip pain.

I’m starting to think this might actually happen!!

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