Training Update - I Can Run a Half

Things are back on track and last week was probably the best week of running in quite some time. Foot feels good but I’m definitely behind - though making it up rapidly. Ross and I ran the Firecracker 5000 on July 3rd at 11:55pm. Billed as Seattle’s only midnight 5k and having lots of folks dressed up in 4th of July garb, it was a great time. Post race beers are always delicious!

On Saturday I ran what I think was the longest run of my life - 14 miles. Well, I walked a bit of the 13th and 14th miles. That’s a long hike but I found the Burke-Gilman Trail to be quite nice. Gives me some confidence that I can at least finish a half marathon though I still have a month until I run my first one. For the record my half time on this run was 2:07:29 which isn’t bad for me at this stage. As I’ve said before, I’m running to finish not for times. That said I’d love to pull it in under 2. Lots of miles next week, kinda looking forward to it!

Training Summary: July 2 - July 8

  • This Week’s Distance: 32.1 Miles (Pace: 8’57”)
  • Next Week’s Plan: 41 Miles
  • Next Race: Seafair Torchlight 8k, July 28rd
  • Previous Race: Firecracker 5000 (Finish: 25’41”, Pace: 8’17”)
Justin Pecott @justinpecott