2013 Running Season

Here we go again!

Been a while since my last update but it looks like I knew more about what I wanted to do this year than I thought I did. I am indeed registered for the Chicago Marathon this fall and right back on a training plan. I want a sub four hour full and then I’m done. I swear!

As for halves I’m registered for the Seattle Rock and Roll and the SeaWheeze. I think I’ll be running the SeaWheeze every year until I can run no longer. I mean Vancouver in summer right?!

So I’ll keep this short. Expect the updates to start flowing again. Hopefully I’ll even get some non-running posts up on here as well. I always say that…

Training Summary: January 1 - May 18

  • This Year’s Distance: 142.1 Miles (Pace: 8:43)
  • Next Week’s Plan: 20 Miles
  • Next Race: Beat the Bridge, May 19th
  • Previous Race: Seattle Earth Day 5k (Finish: 24:56, Pace: 8:03)
Justin Pecott @justinpecott