Portland Marathon 2012 - 4:18:41

This was one hell of a journey - beginning on a sunny Seattle day back in February that had me in an especially optimistic mood. Not everyone thought I could or would do it. Sometimes I even had my own doubts. Somehow my legs just kept going.

The race itself is all kind of a blur. The weather was perfect. 100% clear day and low 50’s at the start. My wave made it to the start line quicker than I thought and then trotted along quite slowly for the first 5k. Both really good things. I loved getting some ‘Go Green’ shout outs from Spartans along the course. The entertainment got more sparse after hanging a right onto the big marathon loop. The race volunteers were awesome. Much of the final 5 miles was slightly downhill which was good since I don’t think I could feel my legs. I love the people giving out little cups of beer around mile 23. Was great to get a shout from Matt at mile 24. And even better seeing Pam at 25. And then somehow I was in the chute and across the finish line and it was over.

I was never that into running, even while running cross country in high school. Not sure what’s changed. Started out just needing a BHAG (big hairy ass goal) outside of work. Something meaningful to shoot for that couldn’t be bought. Ended up looking forward to my Friday nights on the couch and my 16 mile runs on Saturday mornings. Not sure I’ll keep shooting at the 26.2s - it does take a heck of a lot of time - but just maybe I’ll see you in Chicago next fall…

Portland Marathon Training Summary: June 11 - October 7

  • Total Runs: 57
  • Total Miles Run: 400.4
  • Average Miles Per Run: ~7
  • Total Time Spent Running: 57:22:40
  • Average Time Per Run: ~1:00:00
  • Runs Lost to Injury: 16
  • Miles Lost to Injury: 106
  • Weight Lost: 15 Pounds
  • Race Result: Finish: 4:18:41, Pace: 9:52
Justin Pecott @justinpecott