Marathon Training Begins

Clearly I’ve lost my mind. Run a marathon? Crazy talk!

I’ve always said running a marathon is something I would like to do. A bucket list item if you will. My legs aren’t getting any younger and I’m in dire need of a ‘win’ outside of work these days so lets give it a shot! It’s gonna take a lot of discipline and and a healthy reduction in beer consumption but I think I can do it.

This plan was actually hatched some time ago. I had talked to my buddy Doug in Chicago last fall about all of the marathons he’s been running and asked for some guidance. There was probably a fair amount of beer talking for me during these conversations but that didn’t stop a training plan from arriving in my inbox early this year. In a fit of optimism I registered for the Portland Marathon so here we are…

I’ve got some miles on my legs over the last few months but not near the ‘ramp up’ plan. There will definitely be some catch up required. The official training plan begins tomorrow. I will update this site with progress each week. Keep me honest!

As far as goals go, I’m just trying to finish and not get injured. I would be over the moon happy with anything sub 4 hours.

Training Summary: June 4 - June 10

  • This Week’s Distance: 14 Miles (Pace: 8’46”)
  • Next Week’s Plan: 34 Miles
  • Next Race: Firecracker 5000, July 3rd
  • Previous Race: Fremont 5k (Finish: 25’23”, Pace: 8’12”)
Justin Pecott @justinpecott