Chicago Marathon 2013 - 4:17:50

Second time is a charm right? A year older and a year wiser? That was my thinking coming into this year. I am - or at least try to be - an unapologetic optomist. Sub 4 hour marathon here we come! Unfortunately things just didn’t go the way I had hoped they would this summer…

It all started out pretty well. Had a nice Earth Day 5k. Hit right at 40 minutes (8 minutes a mile) for Beat the Bridge. The Seattle Rock and Roll Half was a struggle but I still hit that one at 1:56:32 which was good enough to get into the first wave at Chicago which was a big goal just in case it was hot for the marathon.

After that things got a bit dicey. I started off by taking too much time off for an awesome Jamaica trip. I missed SeaWheeze while back in Michigan with family celebrating the life of a Grandfather that we lost this year. Just when training was hitting the apex I injured the arch of my right foot. That put me down for a good bit but I was wise to pull up midway through that 18 mile run and take a cab back home. My feet are freakishly high arched, need to swap out the inserts more often than recommended. Then a knee thing popped up the week before the marathon which probably didn’t impact my time but didn’t help me out mentally. All in all just not a good late summer scene!!

The Chicago Marathon was a lot of fun though and I did finish faster than Portland last year. Even if just barely! It feels a lot better to have done 26.2 not just once but twice. First time wasn’t a fluke! Love visiting Chicago, love seeing friends and family, and love going to Girl & the Goat. All that said I’m done with 26.2 for a while, maybe forever… Too big of a time committment and just not a ton of fun for me. See ya at a 13.1 or several next year though!

Chicago Marathon Training Summary: January 1 - October 13

  • Total Runs: 107
  • Total Miles Run: 584.4
  • Average Miles Per Run: ~5.5
  • Total Time Spent Running: 87:07:07
  • Average Time Per Run: ~0:48:23
  • Runs Lost to Injury: 18
  • Miles Lost to Injury: 107.1
  • Weight Lost: 10 Pounds
  • Race Result: Finish: 4:17:50, Pace: 9:50
Justin Pecott @justinpecott