About That Conference and/or Company Swag

If you wouldn’t wear or carry the gear you’re dishing out please don’t bother. I am of course assuming you would rather not have the homeless dude sleeping in the doorway rocking your logo. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. Certainly fashion conscious will never be the first thing one thinks of when referring to the general tech crowd but come on! I have received or seen logoed Columbia vests, Timbuk 2 bags, and Adidas warm up jackets. These are awesome! The ugly cheapo messenger bag that will fall apart in a month, not so much. When in doubt just go with a t-shirt I can wear while doing laundry or cleaning the house. Or better yet give folks the option to donate “swag bucks” to a local charity. Just a thought.

I went to an awesome software symposium this weekend, No Fluff, Just Stuff. Lots of fantastic sessions. My favorites were Game Theory, Rediscovering Javascript, Scala for the Intrigued, and a couple session on Git. This was my second year going and it again was well worth spending personal time to attend. Of course I politely left the swag behind to be given out at the next stop on their tour…

Justin Pecott @justinpecott